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Research Grants

When preparing a research grant proposal there are basic pieces of information that need to be included. Many times granting agencies will have a set of guidelines for proposals to go by. These may have a different name for some items but generally includes the following basic information.

There are three main points you want to get across in your research grant proposal. First, you want to build their trust in your organization. This should be done by providing information on the history of your group, what your purpose is, and basically how the group is run. More importantly, you want to present information that highlights your achievements, impacts, involvement and other relevant information.

After you have developed an understanding of your organization, you can then present the problem. Your goal here is to prove that your cause is worth a research grant. This includes what the problem is and how it affects the community. This should be written using facts and emotional appeals because if the reader doesn’t feel for your cause, you aren’t getting anywhere.

Now, it is time to present the plan. Tell the agency what you expect to do with their research grant. This should also include a strategy for determining the affects of your research and what you expect the outcome to be. Basically, tell us how the research grant money is going to affect the world, the community, and the people.

These are the basic categories that will need to be included. They will; however, have to be organized according to the proposal guidelines. You will also need to add specific financial materials which may include annual financial reports and other information. The key is to never assume that they already know. Explain everything in terms that are clear and concise for the agency reviewing your research grant proposal.