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Career Research

Many people, who have lost their jobs after years of working in the same field, find that they simply can not locate another job in that industry. Many times this is due to changes beyond their control. In fact, industries change more rapidly today because of the boom in technology. This leads many individuals to a career change which starts with career research. If you plan on working in information technology, one great tool to have is a MCSE certification.

One way to start your career research is by researching yourself. What are your talents and interests? What tasks did you enjoy performing on your last job and what tasks did you detest? These questions will help you with the next step of your career research.

After you have gathered together your interest you are now ready to narrow it down. Now, the information you have gathered will point you in some direction, even though you may not realize at first. Start with the basics most fields are either based on science, art, or business. Of course there are combinations but most people tend to lean one way or another. One way to narrow things down is to simply research the jobs in one of those fields.

The occupational outlook handbook is a publication that is meant to help people find information about certain jobs. Once you have narrowed down a list of possibilities you can check the average pay, skills needed, and other valuable information to help determine whether the career is right for you.

Another great place to research careers is at a local college or vocational institute. Many of these colleges offer information about the potential jobs offered by the various degrees. You have the added benefit of finding valuable information about the skills and schooling required for the career. In addition to career research, some colleges also offer aptitude tests to determine what field is most suited to your skills and interests.