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Family Tree Research

One of the most rewarding projects you can take on is your family tree research. Researching your family tree will not only give your children a written history of their beginnings, but will also bring you closer to your family and your heritage. It is not always a simple task but one that can be made easier by organization.

Gathering information is the first step in family tree research. Before you can go wandering through archives and records, you need to gain as much information as you can from your living relatives. In this information, the important facts will be dates of birth, dates of death, wedding dates, and arrival dates. You should also gather the locations of these events.

After starting your family tree research with your family, it is time to move on from there. Requesting birth certificates and death records can help you fill in any information not gained during your family tree research.

Other locations to take your family tree research are national and state archives. These archives contain military, Native American, immigration, and other information. You can even find census for different years. These can be ordered or rented on microfilm.

There are also websites that offer a paid service that allows you to see the documents online without ordering the microfilm. These services are not terribly expensive and can be a lot less time consuming form of family tree research.

In addition to conducting your family tree research online, you can also find information to help you in your search. Many websites offer information on where to conduct your family tree research. They offer tips on various aspects of genealogy and may even offer places to list family names in hopes that distant relatives can help with your research. When you are finished the rewards will have been worth all of the time spent.