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Business Research

Many people dream about starting their own business. They know they have what it takes to accomplish anything they set their mind to, but they just don’t know where to start. Performing a little business research of your own may seem a little daunting, but you would be surprised how easy it can be.

The first place to perform your business research is inside your self. You have to know what your strengths and weaknesses are before you can decide what you are good at. This business research can be done by writing a list of skills, goals, interests, strengths and resources available to you. Sometimes, this process alone can give you some great business ideas.

Another type of easy business research is just keeping an eye out for businesses you can take inspiration from. Many times you will see a person with a business that you would like to pattern yours after. More than likely, you will enjoy some aspect of the business rather than the total concept. Keep a journal of these ideas.

Business research can also be done by asking yourself what would make your life easier or more enjoyable. Focus on problems first, and then try to solve them. Many businesses are formed as a result of finding a solution to your own problem. You may have to generalize the solution so that it is adaptable to others, but many times there are people with the same problem as you.

Connecting with other business owners is one of the greatest forms of business research. They had to start somewhere as well and they are usually more than happy to brag. Soak it in and don’t be shy to ask questions. Remember that it never hurts to add more business connections. Networking can go along way. It may be able to help you out later on. - Strategos, Inc.--Lean and Cellular Manufacturing resources