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Women's Health Research

Women’s health research has found that breastfeeding not only helps grow health babies, but also benefits mother’s as well. The benefits of breastfeeding has brought a new generation of mothers back to the old school thought that breast is best.

One of the negative side effects of giving birth experienced by some new mothers is postpartum depression. This type of depression is truly devastating because it comes at a time when mother and child are creating their bonds to each other. Women’s health research has shown that breastfeeding actually reduces the risk of suffering from this type of depression.

Besides being cheaper than purchasing formula, there are a lot more important benefits of breastfeeding. For instance, women’s health research has found that women who breastfeed have an easier time loosing weight and returning to their pre-pregnancy figure. One reason for this is because the uterine contracts during feedings and contracts sending it back to its original size much faster.

One of the most important discoveries of women’s health research is that involving at least two diseases common among women that are less likely to occur in breastfeeding moms. Both breast cancer and osteoporosis are reduced in women who have breastfed their children.

One reason women’s health research gives for this reduction in disease is because breastfeeding prevents ovulation. This means a fewer amount of periods. The more periods you have, the higher your chances of having breast cancer.

In addition to preventing breast cancer, the lower estrogen amounts present in breastfeeding mothers also leads to a reduction in the chances of developing uterine and ovarian cancers as well. All around, breastfeeding is better for mothers than not breastfeeding. However, it may be the benefits of your baby that you are most interested in. You will find that there are just as many benefits offered to infants as well.