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Educational Research

I don’t think there are many individuals who don’t agree that education is a top priority. In fact, a lack of education is a key factor in many of society’s problem areas. As such, educational research should also be a top priority.

One area of educational research that will help our educational system is in developing ways to overcome social and economical disadvantages. It is not hard to see the challenges facing schools and families located in disadvantaged areas.

Already schools have been working to eliminate these challenges by easing strict regulations that restricted where students from attending schools in other areas. However, more educational research needs to be done in this area.

Educational research must also be done to determine why some schools are doing better than others. We need to identify the programs, teaching methods, and other factors involved in obtaining education goals so that we can implement those factors into lower ranking schools.

Yet, you can’t identify what those factors are or even which schools to look at without first researching the best methods of measuring our educational goals. In fact, since standardized testing began many tests have been developed to identify which schools were doing well and which ones were not.

However, during the course of these tests many changes have been made and are continually being implemented as educational research points out better methods. Intelligence is a hard concept to measure because it is a concept. Educational levels are also hard to measure.

Many other areas of educational research are continuously being studied, but is there an end in sight? Just as other professions now require a lifetime of continuing education, fields such as education will continue to change and evolve. This means that educational research is not going to end, it is going to continue delving into new areas of education as the field expands and changes.