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Sitting next to a smart student may help your math or science grade, but in English you’re pretty much on your own. Fortunately, you don’t have to be Hemmingway to write a good research paper. All you have to do is follow the right steps.

Research papers are not literary works of art, instead they are information. This means that the writing style is not as important as the information you are giving. Your first step should be planning, but the most important step will be gathering information.

There are many places to find information for research papers easily. Though there is a lot of information for of all types of subjects on the net, you may find a lot of conflicting information. For sites that are more authoritative, cite government web sites with addresses ending in .gov and .org’s are good also.

Many professors will require more than one type of source. They want to make sure they teach many different ways of looking up information. Though the internet has tons of information, there may be times when you need to research other media. This is one reason teachers require additional citations in research papers.

Looking for information from the library is not difficult. If you have questions there are always people there to help you. It may help to find a classmate to go to the library with. Sometimes just having another student around is relaxing and you may be able to help each other with your research papers.

Interviews can be a great way of getting information for your research paper. In fact, interviews with an expert can also give you an edge on your research papers because they are tailored by the questions you ask. Many times you will look up a publication on your topic only to find out that it does not retain any useful information. This is almost eliminated when you get to ask the questions.