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Acoustic Research

The science of sound is referred to as acoustics. Acoustic research is utilized in many industries including engineering, architecture, the music field, and the medical field to name a few. It is not a question of whether acoustic research is for you, but more of which field of acoustic research is for you.

Architectural acoustic research is not just used to create beautiful sounding music halls. It is also used for recording studios, churches and auditoriums. Yet, it can also be used to create the right acoustics for an office building, home, or classroom. As the popularity of the acoustics field grows, the need for more architectural acoustic researchers will also grow.

The conversion of media such as electricity into sound and vice versa, is conducted by the work of an acoustical engineer. Engineering acoustics is a growing field and is used to work on sound measuring devices and conversion devices such as microphones, loud speakers, medical instruments, seismographs, and other sound equipment.

Musical acoustics is a field that studies the way we hear and interpret musical sound. It not only deals with the science aspect but the artistic aspect as well. In addition to studying the sound emitted from musical instruments, it also studies melody, harmony, pitch, loudness, and timbre. These specialists may work in the entertainment industry, education, or musical instrument production.

In the medical field, these technicians may work with acoustic research relating to hearing and sound. In this field acoustics will be used to the betterment of those with hearing problems. In addition, it will be used to study the way our speech is developed and perceived.

There are many fields that an individual with acoustic knowledge can go into. It is really just a matter of deciding what interests you the most and what you think you will be good at. Whether you decide to study the ocean floor, or the way a violin produces sound, the acoustic research field can be very rewarding.