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Breast Cancer Research

Breast cancer is as devastating as any other type of cancer. However, if you find breast cancer early enough you have a good chance of beating the disease. Breast cancer research though focusing on a cure, is continuing to study risk factors for the disease and prevention screening techniques.

The best screening method to come out of breast cancer research has been the mammogram. This screening process is the most effective method for finding cancer at a time when it is still treatable and therefore increasing the chances of eliminating breast cancer in the early stage.

In fact, when mammography was first suggested for all women, it was suggested that screening start at age 50. Since that time, breast cancer research has led to an extension of that number to age 40. Although proper mammography screening is very effective in finding abnormalities, breast cancer research continues to study new diagnostic and screening methods.

Another important area of breast cancer research continues to be the study of risk factors associated with the disease. Starting your period early, never giving birth, age, weight, alcohol consumption, breast feeding, and heredity have all been found as having an affect on the development of breast cancer.

Still, the areas with the most importance to those diagnosed with the disease are the treatment options found by breast cancer research. Today, surgery is required by many breast cancer sufferers. Other treatment options include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy. Yet, breast cancer research continues to study and seek new treatment options.

Considering that breast cancer at one time was contributed to depression and has had recommended treatments such as a special diet or even an exorcism, breast cancer research has come a long way. In fact, breast cancer incidences were found as far back as the Egyptian culture, yet we are just now making excellent strides in treatment and screening. We will continue to do so until we have found a cure.