Free Research Topics

When looking for information, you may get frustrated by a lack of informative resources. The key is to know where you should look. Keep a list of a few good resources that have consistently provided you with valuable information. However, don't be afraid to follow new leads.

For business information such as market research, investment research, business research, and stock research, and career research I find that government websites have a lot of information. They want you to succeed for the good of the country. The Small Business Administration and your local area chamber of commerce may also provide a lot of useful information.

For general questions like research papers, acoustic research, educational research, legal research, family tree research, car research, drug rehab research, research grants, and theater research I like to start off with Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia. I then try a google search using relevant terms and I may add .gov so I can find a government website.

Again with medical questions I look to the government including topics such as animal research, research on obesity, cancer research, diabetes research, mesothelioma research, nursing research, medical research, pharmaceutical research, hair loss research, health care research, breast cancer research, and women's health research. In fact, is a very informative website and so is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention along with the Food and Drug Administration.

As I stated in the beginning, the best place to visit is a website that has worked in the past. When you search for information, make a physical note of the websites that provided you with informative content. Yet, you should make a mental note of the websites that consistently provided fluff and junk as well. This will help you avoid these websites even if it is a subconscious action. Research doesn't need to be any more difficult than it already is.