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Medical Research

When you need information on prescription drugs, symptoms and disease, or just some medical advice it is hard to decide whether your question is worth taking up the valuable time of a medical professional. While there is no replacement for consulting your doctor, since they are the only ones who are familiar with your health, it can be beneficial to conduct your own medical research before speaking to your doctor.

When you hear about a new drug that can potentially alleviate your symptoms, you are both excited and skeptical. Before you go to your doctor there are many places to conduct your medical research on a new drug. One of the most reliable places to start is the Food and Drug Administration. They offer valuable information on prescription and over the counter drugs.

Many deadly diseases share common symptoms. Some individuals who share these frightening symptoms are justifiably worried. For those individuals medical research can be conducted to find information on certain diseases. For example, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention offers valuable information on all sorts of disease and offers information on how to prevent you from falling victim to these diseases.

The government has even developed its own website to provide citizens with a place to conduct their medical research. The site called is an information portal with valuable medical information and links to other medical research, and health related sites. This is a great site to visit if you have a general medical question.

In addition to, many health agencies also have their own websites. Links to many of these websites can be found on including the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of Public Health and Science. You can also find information on health care and other medical resources.